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How I found business partners

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I’m officially a multipreneur.

I’ve been a solopreneur for the last 3 years, but it’s multipreneurship time baby. And I think we’re gonna see a lot of solopreneurs becoming multipreneurs. Wait Jason, what the bloody hell is a Multipreneur?

As Greg Isenberg states in The Multipreneur Manifesto,

A multipreneur is someone who creates multiple products per year, with the aim of creating a company that creates companies. […] Being a multipreneur is about building small, capable teams for each venture, fine-tuning your game as you progress. It's not about going it alone, it's about leading a pack.

You create multiple companies with multiple people.

Sounds stressful, I know. That’s what I thought too.

But then I became a multipreneur and realized it’s surprisingly way more relaxing than trying to do everything yourself as a stressed-out over-caffeinated over-committed extremely-exhausted solopreneur.

For multipreneurship, if you have the right people and incentives in place, it makes life way easier, more fun, and astoundingly more profitable. I’m makin money, laughing, and zenning it up. But the path getting here wasn’t simple.

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I started ghostwriting on Twitter in summer 2021.

Since then, I’d been doing that, writing this newsletter, and going on crazy Twitter-fueled adventures. Then Elon bought Twitter 8-10 months ago and gave me a fucking heart attack. Because all of a sudden shit was changing. There was an algo change and people were freaking out for a bit. So because my revenue stream was exclusively Twitter, I invested in growing my Instagram.

I hired a super talented video guy named Alex in NYC I met on Twitter.

We started working together a few times/week to try to grow my Instagram by any means necessary. We were doing a mix of sketch videos, street interviews, and really anything we thought was funny or outrageous. We had a lot of fun and worked our asses off, but over the span of the first 5 months, I spent $22,000 and made $0. FUCK. Then all of a sudden, our constant experiments paid off. My account popped off, I started going viral, 10x-ed my Instagram to 15k+, and made back my entire investment on brand deals in 1 month.

Then I had a weird idea.

There’s software-as-a-service, why can’t we do Man-on-the-Street-as-a-Service where I interview people in NYC for brands? But this would require a shitload more work than just our normal Instagram comedy videos and it’s not like I was gonna ask Alex to do that for free and I sure as hell didn’t wanna shell out a lot more cash upfront. So I asked Alex to be a 50/50 partner and I became a multipreneur. Kaboom. It was a great decision.

While that meant giving up 50% of the profit, keeping 50% of a higher revenue can actually be more money than keeping 90% of a lower revenue. We did $20,000+ in our first month of man-on-the-street.

That’s the power of multipreneurship. 1+1=3.

Plus because Alex’s pay wasn’t capped monthly anymore at $3k, he’s hustling harder than ever, sourcing deals from his network, and delivering results faster and even more high quality than he was before—which pushes me to hustle harder, close more deals, and go interview strangers in the streets of NYC in the middle of the fucking freezing cold.

Aligned incentives are a beautiful thing.

With this in mind, I had another business idea that had been brewing in my mind for like 6 months but I didn’t have the time to do alone. After Apple announced the Vision Pro back in June, I had a gut feeling there’d be a spatial computing gold rush the same way there was with crypto and AI (finding patterns haha), so I wanted to start a spatial computing newsletter with the hopes of hypergrowth. The only problem was I didn’t have enough time to do it alone—but what if I didn’t have to do it alone?

I called up my friend Steve Flanders who originally hit me up to freelance for me 2 years ago after reading my post Digital Apprenticeships. We had worked together on a bunch of projects and became bros past working together. I wasn’t sure if Steve would have time since he’s working on building a SaaS app, but he was down to clown. And that’s how we started Cyber Spatial, a newsletter about spatial computing and the Vision Pro revolution.

We’re 10 days in. Steve’s going viral, I’m going viral, together we’re both capitalizing on the spatial computing gold rush and we’re growing the newsletter FAST. The cool thing about working with a partner on a newsletter is that since we’re sharing the newsletter content workload, there’s more time to spend on distribution (tweets, linkedin, etc.). And as I’ve said before, content is king, distribution is King-Kong—so with more time to spend on King-Kong shit, we’re growing the newsletter like crazy.

So now here I am and I’m ghostwriting for 3 clients and working on Cyber Patterns (which always will be just mine) PLUS 2 more big projects, yet somehow I’m not as stressed as I was when I was a solopreneur—because I’m making money from more revenue streams and have partners I can rely upon.

So now the question for you becomes: how do I find partners?

Make cool shit on social media, obviously.

No one wanted to partner with me until I grew my Twitter and Instagram and proved I could make cool shit that the internet likes. Grow your socials and you’ll turn into a magnet for potential partners.

That’s how Greg finds all his partners. That’s how I found mine. We share our ideas and work online and send DMs and make internet friends—and if you do this for a long enough time, you end up meeting and working on projects with some cool people who you think you can start businesses with.

I wish I had a get-rich-quick find-a-partner kinda thing, but I’m in the game of getting rich slow with my friends. I hope you are too.

Go make some cool shit on the internet this week.

You never know who you might meet.

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