How I Repurpose Content

The secret to spreading your ideas

Sup nerds.

Content is king, distribution is king-kong.

That’s why mastering repurposing content is crucial (just like I did— I’ve already tweeted “Content is king, distribution is King-Kong” 3+ times!)

But when you come up with great ideas, you should repeat it again and again. That’s how I got people to remember my slogans like “Cringe is the new cool” and “Memes make millions”. Now people say them to me in person, on the timeline, and in blogs. All from repetition and repurposing.

A reader made art based on “Cringe is the new cool” 😎

If you want people to remember your ideas and make them part of their identity, you need to master repetition and repurposing. You need to run a 1-man PR & propaganda campaign for your ideas.

This post is not gonna be some boring tutorial on how to cut and paste sentences or whatever. This post is gonna show you how to become a motherfucking propagandist with your ideas.

How do you take an idea from in your head to other people’s mouths and blogs? I’ll show you exactly how I created a mind virus with “Cringe is the new cool” and “Memes make millions” and how you can do it too:

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