An internet friend's wedding in Miami

"Uhhh, we met on Twitter"

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Last weekend, I went to an internet friend’s wedding in Miami.

It was my first internet friend wedding.

My friend’s name is Spencer and we met back in 2021 on Twitter. After DMing, we hopped on a few calls and linked up in Colorado at a conference. Now every time I’m in Miami, I hit him up, and when he’s in NYC, he hits me up. He’s become like a big bro to me in the tech world.

So when I got the invite for his wedding, there was no doubt in my mind I was going. I wasn’t sure if I’d know anyone there, but I didn’t care. Gotta be there for the homie. Fortunately, I showed up to the pre-wedding hangout and started recognizing people and they started recognizing me. I can’t tell you the shock when someone asked me “Did you get in a fight on the subway?”.

It should come as no surprise it was the best wedding of my life.

Yup, this is not a joke.

These are real conversations from talking to the founder of a software company who IPO-ed it for $600 million, another guy who is running a privacy messaging app funded by Google’s ex-CEO, and another dude who is starting a new city in Europe. These are my kinda people!

What’s crazy is I wouldn’t be in rooms like this if it wasn’t for making content and internet friends. To remind you guys, I’m a dropout who was working at Home Depot like 4 years ago. I should be living in my Mom’s basement with a cat named Prrrack Obama. But now I’m in rooms like this every week. I tweeted my way to a new life. You can do it too, I’m not the only person to do this. 

I just finished the book Girl With No Job, the memoirs of an influencer named Claudia Oshry who went from working in retail to becoming friends with Paris Hilton and going whale watching with Leonardo DiCaprio—all thanks to building an Instagram following for her funny posts. Another example. People hate on podcaster Lex Fridman, they say he’s not that smart, yet he’s making millions and leveraged his content to become friends with people like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jared Kushner. Sounds pretty smart to me….

Make content that makes you friends.

How do you do that?

Make content that you think your smartest, coolest friend would enjoy. You might only know one person like them, but there’s millions of people like them online—the internet is huge and making content will connect you to them.

On Friday, I hung out with a Cyber Patterns reader who found me on Twitter and had been subscribed for over a year. He joined our Slack community, hit me with a DM, and told me he likes to write sketches and make funny content. So we grabbed coffee Friday and filmed a new video for my Instagram yesterday. I’ve done podcasts with other readers, grabbed burritos twice with another one, and one of them is even gonna be at my wedding we got so tight. This is me subtly saying REPLY TO AN EMAIL AND SAY HI!

Me and Alex dressed in 1930s gear

I’ve been told a dozen times to keep my content exclusively serious, but if I did that I’d feel like a fraud. I’m smart and serious AND silly and irreverent—so I’m gonna be that full crazy self on the internet and I’m gonna figure out how to get paid for it. Maybe that sounds delusional to you, but not to my crew. Being my genuine self on social media has connected me with a bunch of “delusional” friends who are doing everything from building new VC-backed cities to directing a movie with George Clooney. These are my people.

Social media is the best place to find friends with similar delusions (aka dreams).

Think of content as the honey to attract the swarm of “delusional” friends.

“I encourage everyone to believe in themselves in the delusional way that I do. Put yourself out there in ways you’ve never imagined.”

Claudia Oshry, Girl With No Job

Putting yourself out there on the internet, making genuine content, and sending some DMs will give you the life and friends you always wanted.

And when you do find your similarly “delusional” friends I promise you that for the first time in your life, you might not feel so alone.

Goal: be the #1 destination for creative cyberpunks

📞 My friend Shane from college designed iPhone wallpapers that make it look like you’re using an iPod! Times were so simple.

🎵 Speaking of the iPod, here’s my favorite cyberpunk playlist on Spotify I vibe to on my night time walks in NYC.

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