How to get internet famous

A memelord's secret weapon

Sup nerds!

Did I ever tell you about the time I flew to SF to film a viral video?

Yup, while I was writing my book, I flew out to SF for a weekend to film with Eric Zhu, a 15-year-old who runs a $20M venture fund and is famous on the internet for taking VC calls in his school bathroom.

Eric is a legend. Seriously, the dude has 40,000+ followers and is out partying with billionaires and getting interviewed by Nas Daily.

While we were chilling at his hacker house and walking around SF, I asked him tons of questions about going viral—and he taught me something super important and counterintuitive about internet fame for funny people.

This is something that has helped me go mega viral, get 10s of millions of views on my funny viral videos, and make 10s of thousands of dollars.

If you want to be internet famous for funny content, you need to add this weapon to your arsenal. I had to spend $1,000+ to fly to SF to learn it, you can get it for 10x cheaper.

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