Quick Thoughts on Scale

Scale, scale, scale

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Quick Thoughts on Scale

“Scale, scale, scale,” people keep telling me.

“No, no, no,” I keep replying.

My content writing business is doing $30,000/month. I have 4-6 clients at any given time. My only expenses are a VA in the Philippines, software, and rent.

I work when I want to work, I take walks in the park when I want to take walks, I can travel anytime I want. Life is good. I’m grateful. So why change it to scale?

A few weeks ago, I was sitting on an NYC roof having this conversation with a friend who runs a TikTok agency with 50 clients/month.

“But if you hire a team, you could be making $200k/month!” he said.

“I’m happy how things are,” I replied. “I’m quite grateful.”

My friend did a double take like I said something offensive.

He didn’t realize that just a couple years ago, I was making like $30,000/year. Now I’m making $30,000/month as a writer. I’m grateful as fuck.

“But, you could ….” he continued.

“I know I could theoretically do $200k/month, but do I really want $200k worth of headaches? To get there, I’d need to hire a team. I like writing. I don’t want to spend all my time managing people,” I replied.

“You could hire an operator.”

“Yes you’re right, but I don’t know anyone I trust with my business like that.”

I spoke about this predicament with Greg Isenberg, who runs a product studio and has a trusted operator named Theo handle all the businessy things while Greg makes content for his 300k+ followers on Twitter.

“How do I find my version of Theo?”

To paraphrase Greg, he said something like, “Don’t rush it. Build relationships and find people you can trust. It doesn’t happen overnight.”

Maybe one day, I will find an operator and scale my content writing business. But for now, I’m quite happy making content and making my money.

I’m content. I’m a ~content~ content capitalist.

Thanks for reading nerds.

Create some cool shit this week.

Jason Levin

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