Fake "Rules" of Social Media

Most "rules" are fake.

Sup nerds

Most rules are fake.

The only rules that aren’t are the laws of physics. The younger that you realize that nearly all rules are arbitrary, the more you got in trouble in school.

Like I cheated throughout high school because I thought it was stupid we weren’t allowed to use Google when we’d be obviously be allowed to use it for a job. I got kicked out of National Honor Society, but I had no regrets then and sure as hell don’t now. I didn’t waste time memorizing useless shit and instead spent it hanging with friends, chasing girls, and making lifelong memories.

Being able to see past the arbitrary rules of school and the modern workforce is a superpower for entrepreneurs and creators. It’s what makes us who we are.

From a creator standpoint, there’s so many “rules” that aren’t really rules. Weightlifting YouTuber Sam Sulek broke every YouTube rule, but still blew up to 1M subs in 6 months. No fancy editing, no MrBeast thumbnails, no bs. Just him with his iPhone. It’s authentic, good content and that’s why it wins.

Or you can look at the memelords like me who make money making funny memes, shitposts, and videos. I made $7,000 last month from my Instagram where I read provocative books on the subway. WTF.

There’s nowhere in a business school textbook that says what I’m doing makes sense. By boomer mindset, I should be getting blacklisted from brands, but instead I’m getting paid to work with them. It’s made me realize that like school, most “rules” around content and social media are fake.

Here’s 5 fake “rules” I’m breaking in 2024:

And what fake “rules” should you be breaking???

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