I'm working with a risky political fintech startup

Marketing the Pelosi Tracker

Sup nerds!  

Did you know Nancy Pelosi is making millions selling stocks?

Yup, our politicians are getting rich off the laws they create—meanwhile us regular people are left to buy shitcoins.

“Wait wait your newsletter is about social media strategy, what the hell does Pelosi have to do with that?” you might ask.

Well, let me tell you.

Remember how I launched Man-on-the-Street-as-a-Service where I interview people in NYC for startups and e-commerce brands?

I’ve been working with the team behind the infamous Twitter account Pelosi Tracker to capture New Yorker’s reactions—and promote their software Autopilot that lets you copy Pelosi and other politician’s trades.

You & Pelosi are up 🎉😂

There’s a lot you can learn about marketing by interviewing strangers.

In fact, I believe all marketers should get out on the street—or send a maniac like me to do it—to see what people think of their brand!

Here’s my top 3 takeaways (and some funny interviews for you to watch):

Q: How do you market a politically risky brand?

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