No, I'm not scared of AI even though I write for a living

AI is NOT killing writers (good ones)

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Everyone asks me if I’m scared of AI taking my job.

I’m not worried even the slightest.

I write content for startups, for people who are early adopters of tech. Everyone I work for has tried ChatGPT, yet they still hire me.

If I wrote blogs for SEO reasons, I’d be quivering in fear. But I write content that is intended to be read by people, not read and sorted by Google’s algorithm.

If you’re a writer and you’re scared of AI, it’s for 1 of 3 reasons:

  1. You’re not a good writer and think ChatGPT can beat you. The only solution for this is to write more.

  2. You haven’t used ChatGPT enough to realize how shitty it is. ChatGPT writing is easy to spot. It’s boring, too polite, repetitive, and full of fluff. As screenwriter Jon Lopez said, “AI may kill us all, but it’ll never write a good movie.”

  3. You’re worried about how good AI will get in the future. Ok I understand this one and this is what the writers’ strike out in Hollywood is all about. “We must stand our ground now, so they can’t fuck us over in 10 years.” But I just don’t buy it, I agree with Lopez. AI can’t write a good movie, a good book, whatever. Sure, it can write a movie or book, but they won’t be any good.

There’s a few reasons I’m personally not worried about AI:

  1. I’m funny. ChatGPT isn’t. ChatGPT is less funny than the average state-school-educated vanilla missionary-style-only accountant who works for his father and is dating a girl named Allison. Humor is illogical, software and accountants are logical.

  2. I share personal stories. ChatGPT can’t share meaningful childhood stories, the time you scraped your knee open riding your bike with no hands, no embarrassing first kiss stories, no stories about death and grief. ChatGPT cannot convey the human experience because it isn’t a fucking human.

  3. I’ve built a personal brand. 7,000+ people subscribe to my newsletter at 17,000+ follow me on Twitter. I have a distinct cyberpunk brand and have built up credibility–especially as a memelord by writing a book about meme marketing. I’ve built up a connection with my readers and have friends supporting me across the globe.

As a professional writer, your personal brand is everything.

When you think about it, personal branding is just the online depiction of a personality—so show off your personality, it’s what makes you human.

Be as human as possible. Therefore, don’t be robotic.

Be willing to take risks with your work. Be silly. Tell stories from your childhood. Reveal yourself to the reader. Add pictures from your life.

Make someone laugh. Make someone cry. Make someone start a conversation with a friend or maybe even fall in love.

Whatever you do, just don’t be as boring as ChatGPT or an accountant named Kevin.

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