Mimetic Marketing

How to Apply Rene Girard's Mimetic Desire in Marketing

Sup nerds!  

There’s a silent puppet-hand determining who wins on social media.

It’s not good looks, big boobs, or having a Ferrari.

Let me tell you what it is.

It’s called Mimetic Desire. It’s an idea developed by philosopher Rene Girard that people desire things because people they respect desire those things.

A kid sees another kid playing with a toy and suddenly that toy becomes the most valuable toy in the playroom. A woman sees a man with a sexy wife and suddenly that man becomes more attractive. A guy sees his boss with a new Ferrari and that Ferrari becomes all he can think about.

This is all mimetic desire. We subconsciously copy our role models’ desire.

So how does this work on social media? And most importantly, how can you make mimetic desire make you money?

If you don’t understand how to use mimetic desire to your advantage, you will get beat out by people who do. You’ll wonder why you’re not growing as fast as them. But if you figure out how to hack mimetic desire online, you can:

  • Go viral easier

  • Make more sales

  • Get more followers

  • Get featured by journalists

  • Get introductions and build your network

Seriously I’ve done those all and more. In fact, I did all 5 this week alone!

And I couldn’t have done it without understanding how to hack mimetic desire.

Today’s post is the 1st in a 3-part series in Hacking Mimetic Desire.

Post 1 — Social Media: How to go viral more frequently, get followers faster, and land high-status high-quality followers.

Post 2 — Sales: How to land bigger-name clients, make more sales, and get free leads all without running a $1 in paid advertising.

Post 3 — Networking: How to get introductions to high-status people, secure partnerships, and get paid to throw parties.

Marketing, sales, and networking all aren’t just about throwing money at the wall. It’s about being smarter and more clever than the competition.

So let’s jump into it nerds. This is Part 1: The Guide to Mimetic Marketing

How to Hack the Follower Game:

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