Long Term Games With Long Term Readers

I fired 2 clients and acquired a newsletter

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A few weeks ago, I was feeling mentally drained so I took out my journal.

I started writing and had a realization: I was playing too many short term games and that’s why I was drained. It wasn’t the big important long term games that were making me tired. Long term games fill me up with energy.

It was the small projects draining me. I was bouncing around like a madman hyped up on 4 cups of coffee working on projects I wasn’t incentivized to care about. I needed to slow down, say no to quick payday projects, and focus on the projects I had equity in and want to be working on for the next 10+ years.

With that in mind, I made 4 big long term moves: 

  1. I fired 2 clients.

  2. I acquired a newsletter.

  3. I started recording podcasts again.

  4. I drank some fricking water.

Let me explain.

1. I fired 2 clients last week.

Every now and then, I have to fire clients.

It’s always a scary feeling saying no to more money, but sometimes you gotta say no to money for your own peace of mind. Some clients just ain’t worth it.

Tbh, I’m still not used to being in a position where I can say no to money.

I was flat broke like 3 years ago. I took absolutely any job or any client I could possibly get so I could pay rent. I didn’t give a shit what it was. I wrote for the local newspaper for $75 per article, I wrote for a crypto company trying to put farmland on the blockchain (I still don’t get it lol), I wrote for an Australian company making a video game about a mad scientist, I wrote for literally whoever would pay me because I was scared I couldn’t pay rent.

And now after doing that for 3 years, I have a couple years worth of rent saved up, but that feeling of financial fear is still there. My first gut instinct is to say yes to anyone who offers me money for my writing. But I’ve been having to pause and say “No” more and occasionally fire some clients.

What I’m finding is that by firing the small clients I’m able to fully devote myself to the big long term projects and I’m much happier, calmer, and more focused. I feel like I can breathe. I negotiated equity in 2 of the long term companies I work with and I’m building my own content empire here with my newsletter, podcast, and books. Screw the short term, the long term is all that matters.

Long term games with long term friends. It’s time to build generational wealth with my long term friends. That includes you, reader.

Let’s get that internet money together.

2. Long term games with long term readers

On Friday morning, I announced that I acquired a newsletter.

My thought process was pretty simple:

I’ve been writing Cyber Patterns for 127 Sundays straight. I’m never gonna stop or sell it. All I want to do is grow it. I’ve got some cash to work with, so I might as well start buying up more newsletters in the same niche. I’m not the guy looking for a quick exit. I’m the guy looking to buy up the guys looking for exits.

I’m playing long term games with long term readers.

Many creators don’t get this, but creator-audience relationships are long term games. I’ve been listening to the same rappers for 10+ years. That’s the type of relationships I’m building with my readers. Some of my readers have been with me since literally day 1. I’ve hung out with readers, hired 3+ of my readers, collaborated on content with readers, hell 1 of my readers even became such a good friend he’s coming to my wedding.

Long term games with long term readers.

With this mindset and a bit of napkin math, it seemed obvious to buy up a newsletter. If you’re looking to sell a newsletter, reply to this email. Maybe I’ll acquire yours too 😈 

Ok onto podcasts. Why am I podcasting like a madman?

3. Podcasts are long form content with long term friends.

Podcasts are the ultimate long term games with long term friends.

Podcasting isn’t about becoming Mr. Joe Rogan big famous podcaster. Podcasting is actually about:

  1. Building long term friendships with smart people in your industry that you’re gonna see for the next 30+ years

  2. Building long term friendships with your listeners who are gonna listen for the next 30+ years

Your guests often become your long term friends AND your audience becomes your long term friends. With this in mind, I’ve been dropping podcasts with some of my long term homies and heroes.

Next week, I’m releasing a podcast with a dude who makes $10M+ selling swords on the internet. EPIC. Make sure to subscribe on YouTube to get it.

4. I drank some goddamn water.

The longest term game you play is with yourself.

If you’re playing short-term games with yourself (ex. eating like shit), it’ll affect the rest of your life and business.

Back in 2021 when I was first starting out my newsletter, I was in the best mental/physical shape of my life — working out and meditating 5-7x/week — but then I started getting more opportunities to make money and it’s been tougher to prioritize my health. I keep working all day and forgetting to eat and drink water. It’s not sustainable and leaves me feeling crazy and lightheaded.

This year is about figuring out the balance of cash and clarity.

A content empire can’t be built with a cloudy mind. It’s time to slow down, play long term, and sip some goddamn water!

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