How I Juggle Multiple Projects

Newsletter, socials, writing books, VC scouting, boyfriending

Sup nerds

Wanna know the #1 question I get asked by friends?

“How do you work on so many projects at the same time?”

I work on A LOT of projects:

  • Writing my newsletter

  • Writing for Twitter

  • Filming for Instagram

  • Ghostwriting for 3-5 clients

  • Running a brand’s Instagram

  • Scouting for a VC fund

  • Writing another book 👀

  • PLUS: being a good partner and dog dad

Sometimes this means headaches and stress. But most of the time, I’m a pretty happy laidback dude.

So what’s my secret to working on multiple projects and making more money? I’m going to break down my systems into 4 categories:

  1. Digital Freedom

  2. Superior Delegation

  3. High-Leverage Relaxation

  4. Ruthless Prioritization

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