How to Build a Community-Based Business

The Greg Isenberg Interview

Sup nerds.

Want to build an online community?

I’ve got good news. I sat down with The Yoda of community-based businesses: Greg Isenberg. You’ve definitely seen him on the internet.

Greg sold a company to WeWork, served as an advisor to Reddit, and recently turned down an 8-figure acquisition for his company Late Checkout because he’s having too much fun!

Ever since I met Greg back in 2021, he’s been one of my biggest mentors. Whether it’s walking around NYC or jamming on ideas on the phone, he’s been a huge part of helping me get where I’m at—and now he’s gonna help you.

Last week, I finally asked him to share his Yoda-like secrets about community-based businesses with my readers. We cover:

  • How to funnel an audience into a community

  • How to choose a niche for your community

  • How to price your community

  • How to build a community that runs itself

  • Why Greg rented out a castle for his team retreat!

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