I'm getting married today

Guest post from Mrs. Levin

This week on Cyber Patterns, I’ve got a special guest post.

I don’t do these often, but considering that today’s guest and I are vowing our lives to each other in a few hours, I think she’s earned her right to a post.

My beautiful soon-to-be wife Erica has come up with some of the lessons that she learned from me in our relationship and what she intends to take forward in our marriage that is forming today — May 26, 2024

These are in her words, the one and only future Mrs. Levin. I’ve added my notes in brackets [ ].

Running into married life like WHOA!

  1. Luck is not made. To the Cyber Patterns readers, luck is not a thing in our household. Jason does not just “have stuff happen to him” he gets up and works for it. If you are reading this, go make something happen. There is no excuse. [JL: The best way to increase your luck surface area is by working your ass off and putting that work on the internet.]

  2. Don’t follow the rules. Jason is the rule-breaker, I’m the rule-follower. I am corporate through and through and while I love it, I am afraid to step out of line. Jason only got where he’s at because he lives by his own rules, not anyone else’s. Don’t be afraid to step out of line, break the rules, or go against the norm. Rules are meant to be broken. [JL: The only rules that are real are the laws of physics. The rest are just what some schmucks in the past came up with. Think for yourself.]

  3. If you wouldn’t spend $1,000/hour doing it, don’t do it. Why are you reading that book that you’re not getting anything from? Why are you hanging out with that person who doesn’t believe in you? Why are you in that job that you hate? Make your time worthwhile. If you don’t value your time, no one else will. If you would not literally pay $1,000 for an hour, don’t spend 5 minutes. Why are you wasting your time?

  4. Brick your phone. Cut out all distractions, go on airplane mode, turn off your notifications, do whatever you need to do to get shit done.

  5. Cringe is the new cool. You will not stand out if you are just like everyone else. No person is made the same. Lean into what makes you weird, embrace the cringe. It’s actually pretty cool. [JL: It’s been beautiful to watch Erica start embracing the cringe. She jumps in my funny videos, street interviews, and goofy meme tweets. She’s the memelady to my memelord and partner in comedic crime]

  6. SEND MORE COLD DMs!!!! Who knows, you may end up with a Twitter table at your wedding like us 🙂 

  7. Find a supportive partner. Find someone who encourages you for the next adventure. Find someone who you can communicate what you need in order to be successful. Find someone that delivers on what you need in order to be successful. [JL: A few weeks ago, a friend told me, “I don’t know how Erica puts up with all your hijinks and memelord stuff. online” I don’t know how she does it either, but every day I think to myself I’m a lucky man, maybe I should play the lotto!]

Shoutout to Erica, my best friend, #1 fan, the official Cyber Patterns editor, my partner in comedic crime, and in a few hours my wifey 😏

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