Content Automation

4 tools to be a ghost

“One of the most valuable skills in the 21st century is to be able to decide where and how and when we put our attention.”

Michael Acton Smith, founder of Calm

Sup nerds,

This weekend, I was hanging out by the pool with my family in Florida. Meanwhile, one of my TikToks was blowing up to 1.2 million views.

I had no clue! My notifications were off. In fact, I don’t even open TikTok to post TikToks! I post them on Instagram and they’re repurposed automatically.


Become a ghost—while your content is everywhere. 

Spend time enjoying the present with your loved ones—while your content is doing the work for you.

Want to be a ghost and relax offline while your content does the work for you?

You’re gonna need these 4 content-automation tools:

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