I'm launching Meme Alerts 🚨

Get daily viral trending templates

“I wish I got alerts when a new meme template goes viral”

Your wishes are now coming true.

Today, I’m launching Meme Alerts 🚨 

For the sweet price of $6.9/month, you’ll receive a daily email with new viral trending meme templates and ideas of how to use them.

“Wait, why would anyone want alerts of trending templates?”

To answer this question, let me ask you another question.

Remember the Justin Timberlake mugshot?

That was Tuesday—but that’s years ago in meme time. There’s already been the Hawk Tuah girl, Putin and Kim Jong-Un, and more.

Time moves fast online. As Ryan Holiday says, “Every day is a new day on the internet.” If you miss a moment, you miss a viral opportunity.

Google Trends for Justin Timberlake 6/15-6/22

“Ok, but what do meme alerts look like though?”

You’ll get quick alerts like this.

Think of Meme Alerts as Google Alerts for viral meme templates! You’ll get the meme template PLUS examples of how to use them.

meme template

meme example

meme template

meme example

If you’ve read my book, you already know that memes make millions.

And you get access to Meme Alerts all for the price of $6.9/month 😏

Memes of the Week:

This week was a big one in memelord world.


me at parties

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Thanks for reading nerds.

Create some cool shit this week.

Jason “The Memelord” Levin