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Ever since ChatGPT came out, people asked me if AI can make memes.

My theory has always been "No, AI can't be funny. It can’t do humor."

Well this week, my theory has officially been disproven.

On June 26th, a flood of AI memes hit the internet created on Glif. And what's crazy is they were actually funny. Like LOL, offensive, crude, cursing, deep human connection funny. It was the first time ever.

After trying out Glif, I admit I got a bit scared.

“I thought I was safe from AI disruption. I thought humor was undisruptable. Was being a memelord about to be replaced?,” I wondered.

“And oh my god, you can build AI meme workflows on Glif. You can customize prompts to make them more insane, use whatever template you want, put captions wherever. This is the future of memes. Oh my God!!!”


Luckily, as I was going through an existential crisis and signing up for a 6-month meditation retreat in Bali, I learned about a concept called Jevon’s Paradox: the more efficiently a resource is created, the more we consume it.

  • The more efficiently we drilled for oil, the more we used of it in cars.

  • iPhones didn’t replace photographers, now we’re all photographers.

  • Excel didn’t replace accountants, it led to more accountants.

  • ChatGPT didn’t replace programmers, it led to more people trying out programming (even I started trying).

What if it’s the same with AI and memes??? What if we’re all going to become memelords? I need to learn AI tools ASAP!

This made me excited and I hatched a new theory on AI and memes.

Call me the AI Meme Conspiracist

My 2-part theory on AI and memes now is:

  1. AI will make the best memelords even more cracked (faster, funnier, and more creative)

  2. AI will help inexperienced people start making memes (everyone can become a memelord)

AI isn’t going replace memelords, AI will make the best memelords even more cracked—and if you’re not trying AI meme tools, then you’ll be left behind. Plus because AI makes making memes easier, it’ll make more people into memelords because it’ll help everyone make memes easier!


If memes made millions before, now we’re gonna make some billions.

So this is why over the last 72 hours I drank approximately 27 cups of coffee and tested out every AI meme app I could find. I then added 3 new tutorials to my How to Be a Memelord Course covering:

  • How to use Glif to build your own custom AI meme workflows

  • How to use Supermeme AI to crank out meme ideas

  • How to use Viggle AI to insert yourself into meme videos

If you’ve already bought the course, you have immediate access. As new advancements in AI keep coming, I’ll keep adding tutorials.

And If you haven’t bought the course, wtf are you waiting for?

It’s only $69 and now with AI! 

It’s a deal so good even a VC would email you back in the summer!

Trying something new here…

A curation corner for startups building a cyberpunk future:

🤩 Anthropic’s Claude 3.5 Sonnet writes code and UI demos for you

💰 He sold a company for $1B+ to Adobe, I interviewed him

😳 Grifters are planning encampments outside AI labs (#insane)

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